Kneel & Prey


“The story had me gripping my Kindle with white-knuckles, tense and engrossed in the action right up to the unpredictable ending.”

“Wow! What a thrill ride!”

“Bauer has done an excellent job crafting this fast-paced story.”

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What if You Had to Stop a Murderer?

Gabby Wells is different than her friends. Emotionally damaged, socially awkward and intensely smart, she tries to fit in with her high-school classmates by using her wits and wit to solve their problems. She accepts her moniker as teen sleuth, but rarely opens her heart to others. To those special few she does let in, she is fiercely loyal.

When she hears rumors that one of her classmates was planning to commit mass murder during the Fourth of July celebration in her small town, she knew she had to stop him. She has but a few hours to find him before he turns the crowded streets into a river of blood.

Willing to risk everything, even her own life, to keep the ones she loved safe, Gabby races into the fray knowing more than just bloodshed is at stake. She could very well lose her soul in the process and end up in hell… right next to her murderer.

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Lost & Found


I enjoyed the story and especially loved the ending. Like its predecessor, Lost and Found is a well-crafted, complex, and unpredictable tale.”

“Never knew what would happen next.”


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Listen to the story about the approach and creation of Lost & Found. (My Name is Not Steve podcast).

How far would you go to save your best friend?

Recovering from the tragedy on July 4th, Gabby has little time to mend her physical and emotional wounds. Filled with doubts and regret, Gabby is reluctant to answer the call again, but a hurricane brews off the coast of Safety Harbor and a sociopathic thief has put her best friend in mortal danger.

Left with no option but to face her fears, Gabby walks into the eye of the hurricane.

With a fractured faith and a relentless will, Gabby must brave nature’s wrath and the malevolent machinations of a desperate felon. As her world collapses around her, Gabby must rise above it all to save her dearest friend and restore her belief.

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Sins & Suicide


“Great read and Characters worth investing in. Gabby has progressed from a typical teen, unsure of herself to the more confident and strongly directed woman she had struggled to become.”

“Another quick and exciting read in the Gabby Wells series.”


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How would you stop someone who wants to die?

The weight of Gabby’s call has begun to take it’s toll on her friendships and at home. As romantic love for a close friend begins to develop within her, her once strong bond with her father has begun to fray. Gabby longs to slip back into the shadows and become a normal teen where she can salvage her relationships, but all that falls to pieces by a single, frantic call.

3:47 A.M.

The voice on the other end of the phone pleads for help to stop a friend from committing suicide. There’s only one problem. No one knows where the wayward friend is located.

In her frantic search, Gabby uncovers more than she bargained for as dark forces roll into her small town of Safety Harbor to enact their own brand of justice. To save a life, Gabby must wade through the underbelly of the city’s elite, uncovering corruption, abuse, and greed. It’s a race against time and paid assassins as she tries to keep a single moment of desperation from putting the lives of everyone she loves in mortal danger.

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Gods & Martyrs


This exciting read made me ask, “What would I do in a similar situation?” I can only answer, “I hope I have the faith and guts that Gabby has.” You’ll enjoy reading this new Gabby Wells adventure.

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What would you be willing to die for?

Gabby, an awkward, loyal and impulsive teen sleuth, finds herself losing the love of her life while facing down the barrel of a gun. An afternoon helping out friends turns to horror when their location is overrun by masked terrorists.

Stuck in a lethal maze of victims and murderers, Gabby encounters the greatest evil she’s ever faced. Gabby and her friends must find a way to save the men, women, and children stuck in this deadly labyrinth before it’s too late. Using their smarts, cunning and faith, they fight in a battle to overcome the powerful and forces bent on destruction.

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