Title: Kneel & Prey
Series: Gabby Wells Thrillers #1
Published by: Pete Bauer
Release Date: April 17, 2015
Genre: ,
Pages: 315
ISBN13: 978-0-9914578-2-3





Gabby Wells is different than her friends. Emotionally damaged, socially awkward and intensely smart, she tries to fit in with her high-school classmates by using her wits and wit to solve their problems. She accepts her moniker as teen sleuth, but rarely opens her heart to others. To those special few she does let in, she is fiercely loyal.

When she hears rumors that one of her classmates was planning to commit mass murder during the Fourth of July celebration in her small town, she knew she had to stop him. She has but a few hours to find him before he turns the crowded streets into a river of blood.

Willing to risk everything, even her own life, to keep the ones she loved safe, Gabby races into the fray knowing more than just bloodshed is at stake. She could very well lose her soul in the process and end up in hell... right next to her murderer.


“The story had me gripping my Kindle with white-knuckles, tense and engrossed in the action right up to the unpredictable ending.” - Author Kari Burke


“Wow! What a thrill ride!” - Author Shari McGriff


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